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promotionbadges 300x294 New at Couponbuzz...Promotion BadgesCouponbuzz just got better! We’ve added Promotion badges to each coupon along with a coordinating color so that you can immediately tell what kind of promotion you’re getting!

Green is for sales. Green promotions don’t usually have coupon codes, but they do let you know what kinds of online sales are going on right now. You will also see Clearance deals in green, however, they have a different badge so you can tell them apart from sales.

Blue is for coupons and coupon codes. Many stores offer a secret discount only to those who have the magic code. If you want promotion codes then think blue.

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A True Notebook Computer

miriam Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
MacBook Air

MacBook Air

Very few companies have the ability to redefine a whole industry.  It is even more rare that a company redefines every industry they make products for.  Apple has done just that.  More than 22 million Americans own ipods, hundreds of millions of iphones, tens of millions of ipads, and more than 64% of students use apple laptops every day.  It seems you can’t go anywhere without seeing the benefit of Apple’s innovations.

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The “After Black Friday” Blues

josh Saturday, December 13th, 2008

There is not much else in the retail world that can compare to the excitement of Black Friday sales.

You may have been a part of it yourself. Maybe you stood in line in the cold at your local Target or mall to get a USB drive for $4 or some crazy-good deal.

And Cyber Monday, even…maybe you took advantage of those deals online that are so hard to pass up as well. But those days have passed already. It’s time to countdown to Christmas and you are running out of time if you haven’t done your shopping and you are running out of time if you haven’t gotten the kind of deals you were hoping for for yourself.

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Halloween Waits for No Man

josh Monday, November 3rd, 2008

It happens every year. I get all excited about what I may be for Halloween, as early as Spring or Summer. I will get crazy ideas about what the whole family could be as well and the ideas remain just that: ideas.

I procrastinate all Summer because, let’s face it, Summer is fun. Then I get sucked into the vortex  of pre-Fall, with Back to School worries and new TV shows (yes, I watch a ton of shows) and things at work usually pick up with many fiscal years ending in Seotember, etc. The next thing I know, it’s time to go to the Halloween party and I have no costume. So if this happened to you, let’s promise each other we will be more prepared next year.

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Memorial Day BBQ FTW!

josh Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Memorial Day is a day to reflect on those who have fought and perished for the good of our country. We are indeed deeply in their debt.

Most people take the 3-day weekend to celebrate in one of the greatest pastimes in America: the outdoor barbeque!

Whether it’s hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs or steak, millions of Americans like to launch their summer on this day by having a huge barbeque with friends and family.

Retailers take the opportunity to sell a lot of gas and propane grills and the myriad of accessories the weeks before this holiday, so you can make sure you have evertying you need for your long weekend.

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