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5 Money Saving Mom Blogs You Ought To Check Out and Follow
The cost of living is constantly on the rise, that we need to continuously think of creative ideas to stretch our budget and save as much as we can. It is good to know that there are many resources you can check out online for handy tips on stretching the budget and saving as much moolah as we can.
For clever ideas on how to save at home and do more while spending less, here are my go-to money-saving mommy blogs that I thought you might want to check out and follow, too:
Livingwellspendingless.com – dishes out regular practical tips on how to scrimp on just about anything under the sun, like while dining out on fast foods or while having a summer break. This mom also writes article on how to de-clutter the home, as well as prepare easy food that are not only big on flavors but on savings, too. True to her tag line of “living the good life on a budget”, this budget savvy mom also shares a series of tips on how to live well and spend nothing for 31 days.
Less2more.com – is chock full of interesting tips on how to stretch the budget and do more with what you have. Apart from handy tricks on saving money, it also features articles on how to earn more and DIY-ing items and stuff for the home so you can spend less. In addition, this blog also features fascinating things on how to save with coupons, as well as putting more value on more important things like relationships and families, in order to make the most of what you have.
Morewithlesstoday.com – features a wide assortment of freebies, from e-books to online educational programs, from printable to donuts that will allow frugal moms to enjoy life more with less. This mom also features hot deals, as well great promos and sale to help moms save more. There are also many articles featuring tips and tricks on how moms can save on groceries.
5dollardinners.com – I guess everyone will agree that one of the things we spend more money on is our food, and if you are the type of mom who is not adept in the kitchen and would prefer to dine out or order takeaway at any given time, this will lead you to spend even more every time you dine. That is why I thought this blog is a God-send especially for moms who are having a difficult time finding their way in the kitchen. Imagine how much you can save when you will only spend $5 for you and your family’s meal each time? This blog features an extensive collection of recipes and meal on a budget. She will even help you plan a $5 meal for free! Truly, you save a lot of hard-earned money by following step by step food preparation this mom shares on her blog!
Moneysavingmom.com – is probably the leader of these frugal mom blogs’ pack. She features many a number of articles on how moms can save money and stretch the limited budget. If you are planning to earn more, you may want to check out her clever income earning ideas, and if you intend to save more this year, do not forget to check out her posts on the many ways you can spend $100 each year. She also has invaluable tips on how to effectively manage your time, as well how to earn from your blogs, for those who have yet to monetize their blogs and websites. In addition, she also shares the latest hot deals, as well as interesting freebies regularly so make sure to look out for that and follow her blog, if you haven’t already!

Sparschwein 131The cost of living is constantly on the rise, that we need to continuously think of creative ideas to stretch our budget and save as much as we can. It is good to know that there are many resources you can check out online for handy tips on stretching the budget and saving as much moolah as we can.

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Laptop and red boxes with the goods at a discountNow that it’s back to school season, Couponbuzz.com has plenty of back to school promotions from different well-known stores that provide high quality school essentials. These promotions have been carefully chosen to make sure you get as much savings as you can, while still getting to purchase all the items that you need.

Here are a few of the best Couponbuzz Back to School Promotions online now:

1. Walmart’s Back to School Promo

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patriotic beach ball in poolWhat better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than a vacation! You don’t have to worry about the cost, if you know where to find the best deals and coupons for your destination.

Airlines and hotels offer discounts and deals that will help you save. So here are some smart traveling tips for you and your family to use to save money.

Book early

Book your flight one week earlier then the departure date. Most people travel on the weekends which is more expensive. Consider flying mid-week to save on airfare.

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pCHIC1 7048855t80 Valentines and Presidents Day Sales at Charlotte RusseI  am the lucky one who gets to see sales before they happen as a buzz guide at couponbuzz.com!!  I just got through entering some promotions coming up for Charlotte Russe and there will be some good ones!! They are having a Sweetheart 7 day sale in honor of Valentine’s Day with something different each day like buy one get one shoes for $10. The sale will run through Valentine’s Day, so starting on the 7th of February, check out Charlotte Russe on couponbuzz.com to get all the deals and steals.

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Mineral Make Up

amyw Friday, January 29th, 2010

2126652 Mineral Make Up I love make up and anything cosmetic like. I love trying out new things, colors, and products.  And, being a mom, unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning and play around with stuff.  I’m always in a time crunch or have a small boy pulling on my leg or getting into things in the bathroom.  So, time is of the essence. But, I do like to at least “put my face on” most days to avoid the stay at home mom syndrome of frumpiness.

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Valentine’s Day Gift at Buy.com

amyw Sunday, January 17th, 2010

I love Buy.com and am very lucky since I do the promotions for them each week so I always get a first look at what deals they are running.  Besides the fact that there are monthly coupons, there are also often great deals on particular items. When I saw this one for earrings, I immediately thought of Valentine’s Day and these poor, clueless men that never know what to get.  swf jwl peora10earrings1 Valentines Day Gift at Buy.com

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Stylish Maternity Jeans

amyw Monday, November 9th, 2009

jbran2005211873 prod zoom front v1 m56577569831700491 150x296 Stylish Maternity JeansIf you have ever been pregnant, you know what it is like finding stylish maternity clothes.  Jeans for me were the worst!  Seems like I could only find big, baggy jeans when I was pregnant with my boys several years ago.  Well, somebody finally figured out that even if you are pregnant, you still would like to look cute and stylish.  Your legs aren’t pregnant, just your belly!  So, why should you have to wear bulky jeans?

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Plush Life Like Dogs

amyw Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

basset houndHow cute is this basset hound?  Looks pretty real, too, eh?  Well, this is only one of  many types of these plush life like looking dogs at PetCareRx.  I came across these while doing my promotions for couponbuzz.com and thought they were just one of a kind.    They literally have every kind of dog you can imagine made into these stuffed toys.  I guess some would just collect them  and using the word “toy” would not be appropriate. But, I would for sure buy one of these for my boys who love to pretend that they have a cat/dog to play with and feed/walk, etc.

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Fragrance Gift for Mother’s Day

amyw Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

441w Fragrance Gift for Mothers DayI recently discovered the ease of buying perfume on line this past March on my mother’s birthday.  She has long worn a perfume called Gem but she couldn’t find it anywhere.  She asked me on a recent trip to Paris to check the duty free shops for it.  After looking in several, one of the sales clerks informed me that it had in fact been discontinued.  So, I decided to look on line to see if I could still find some unopened bottles out there.  And, there were!  One of the places that sells it is Fragrance X.  I found others on Ebay, but the prices at Fragrance X were better and I knew it was a legitimate company so it would be safe and trustworthy.  I was afraid I’d get some skunky old bottle from someone on Ebay.  Anyway, the shipment of the perfume safely arrived at my mom’s house just in time for her birthday and it was perfect!  So, if you have a fragrance that your mom used to wear, or even one you loved but can’t find anymore, try looking online and check out Fragrance X on couponbuzz.com as well.

Great deals for students and teachers!

amyw Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Man, do I wish the internet was as popular and accessible back when I was a student in college, and even a teacher!  It’s amazing how quickly things have changed.  Heck, I didn’t even have email until my senior year in college, and certainly no internet browsing until my later 20’s.  Anyway, it is great to see how many places online now offer deals for students and teachers.

I found one software company, Adobe, which offers special discounts on all of their software for educators.  Things like Photoshop, Acrobat, and Creative Suite.  These are awesome tools that everyone uses and they offer them up to 80% off if you can provide proof that you are a student or faculty member.

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